Village Of Yorkville
 Fire, Police & Highway 

Yorkville Highway Department

168 Campbell Ave.
PO Box 222
Yorkville , NY 13495
315-724-2313 OR CALL THE OFFICE AT 736-9391

The Trustee Chairman is Tom Thomas  736-9391.



Highway Department Superintendent
Sal Granato
Phone: 315-724-2313 or 736-9391
Sidewalk Snow Concerns
Codes Dept.
Trustee Richard F. Hayes
30 Sixth Street
P.O. Box 222
Ne 13495
Phone: 3157369391
If you are concerned about a snowy or icy sidewalk, please call Trustee Hayes. 315-736-9391 Our Village Code requires property owners to keep the sidewalk free of snow & ice.
Items for Disposal & Pickup Times



Paper & Cardboard Glass,Plastic & Metal recyclables- All recyclables go into one container. Any plastic garbage can is okay to use.

Put container out Tuesday after 6 PM and it will be picked after 6AM on Wednesday.  Recycle stickers will be placed on your container at pickup time.

Plastic grocery bags or other plastic bags cannot be collected. Soda and beverage cartons cannot be collected. They have to go into garbage bags.

As of 9/7/2012- OHSWA has instructed us that any plastic containers can be recycled, except styrofoam and motor oil containers; they are garbage.


 Garbage - Put out at curb between 6pm Wednesday - 6am Thursday in a Yorkville Garbage Bag. Pickup is Thursday AM.


Green Waste- No grass clippings. Branches and small garden cuttings only.  Put out at curb in a container, between 6PM Monday -6am Tuesday. Pickup is Tuesday AM.

    If you hire a contractor to take a tree down, he is responsible for the take-away.The Village will not collect tree material.


Garbage Bags are available at the following venues: Express Mart, Holland Farms, Ehlingers Vacuum, Sam's Mini Mart, Medicine Shoppe, Chanatry Market, Parkway Drugs, Rite Aid on Commerical Dr.& Clifford Nice & Easy on Burrstone Road across from Friendly's. 

The cost is $ 2.17 small & $2.82 large bag.

Village Trash Pickup 2015

Trash collections for 2015 are as follows:  May 29, July 31, and September 25.

  • Put your items at the curb between 6PM Thursday night and 6AM Friday morning.
  • The maximum amount is four (4) 40 gallon containers with handles; no 55 gallon drums, homemade containers, card board boxes or plastic bags; one bulk item such as a chair, table, mattress and box spring, etc. 
  • Lumber pieces not to exceed five (5) feet in length, no filled containers to exceed fifty (50) pounds.
  • Do not put out paint, oil, antifreeze, tires or hazardous material. Call Oneida Herkimer Solid Waste Authority(OHSWA) at 733-1224 for instructions on disposing of those materials.
  • Please don't put out any bricks, concrete, rocks or dirt. Loose items on the ground will not be picked up. All items must be in containers.
  • We can no longer collect small electronics. TV's, microwaves, computers, phones,etc. must be taken to the OHSWA facility on Leland Ave.


This trash collection is not for garbage, recyclables, or cardboard or paper and those items will not be picked up. The trash collections are funded by the Village garbage bag system. You must actively participate in the program on a regular basis. (The purchase of one bag a year does not qualify.) If you use a private contractor for your garbage removal, your contractor is responsible for removal of your trash and recyclables as well as your garbage.


These rules for disposal are specific because of the strict guidelines of OHSWA and must be followed by our Village. Items not discarded properly will be left behind.

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